Telescopic dog poo catcher

Dog poop catcher

I wouldn’t mind having a pet dog, I enjoy walking (especially in the rain) and it would give me somebody to talk to in the day other than my MSN contacts. The one thing that puts me off having having a pet mutt is the fact I’d have to pick up the mess it would leave behind, picking up a dog turd with my hand in a plastic bag makes my skin crawl. This next gadget could be the answer to that, the Sha-Poopie™, a telescopic dog turd catcher.

Invented by a man who absolutely hates picking up after his dog, The Sha-Poopie™ makes the job both easier and less unpleasant. No bending, no trying to use a stick to scrape dog poop onto a newspaper or, worse yet, using a plastic bag to actually pick up it up!

Available from Solutions for $19.95 (though I must admit I’m not convinced this is the answer).

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