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Telepathy Jumper lets you communicate through experience sharing

telepathy-jumperWhat you see above is definitely not the norm – far from it. In fact, it might actually resemble that of a Bluetooth headset of sorts at first glance, but in reality, the device known as the Telepathy Jumper intends to help people communicate by sharing experiences with one another. The Telepathy Jumper happens to be a spanking new eyewear kind of wearable device which is used whenever you hang it around your neck. As and when necessary, the Telepathy Jumper can also be worn right in front of the eye, and should you want to use of continuously for a period of time, you can always opt to secure it on a pair of eyeglasses or on the head. The entire shebang is rather simple in its make up – it comprises of three components which can be easily customized.

First of all, there is the device module which claims to have the “world’s highest-level display resolution and brightness, camera, microphone and sensors”, although I would find that to be a pretty high standard to live up to, don’t you think so? Apart from that, there is also a power unit which is made up of a large capacity battery and Bluetooth remote control, while flexible fitting has been adapted so that it can be used in various occasions.

There are plans in the pipeline to come up with a couple of applications – one of them being “Eye Connect” and the other would be “Talent Buzz.” The former, “Eye Connect”, happens to be a function which would enable one to perform an easy one click sharing of each other’s field of vision. As for “Talent Buzz”, this happens to be a co-creation platform that will share each other’s knowledge, skill and experience during your free time. The device will play nice with the Android mobile operating system so that users will find it easy to develop applications in the Android environment.

The Telepathy Jumper is tipped for a release date to the masses some time next summer. Looks like this is far from being the last piece of smart eyewear that we will see.

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