Teflon Mouse Skates

Optical mice have been around for a while now and are far smoother than the ball variety mouse they superseded. However in an attempt to improve the precision and smoothness of optical mice even further a company has come out with Teflon Mouse Skates.

I must admit I’ve never had a problem with my Logitech cordless sticking to the desk (I do try to wipe up spilt coffee ASAP), but if you demand the ultimate in smooth mouse movement then maybe you need the ZeroFriction Infinity Mouse Skates.

It’s difficult to make these sound very technical, the feet are basically bits of Teflon with self adhesive that fasten to the bottom of your mouse, though the sales jargon does expand a bit on that:

The feature set of the ZeroFriction Infinity Mouse Skates includes

  • Decreases the friction between the mouse and the mousepad
  • Specially designed for professional gamers
  • Adhere to the bottom of your mouse (I think we could of guessed that)
  • Super smooth long life pure Teflon
  • Help to protect both the original mouse feet and your mousepad, saving you the expenditure of replacement (because we all know mouse mats are really expensive)

Available from ThinkGeek for the same price as a cheap replacement mouse 😉