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Teenager builds a flamethrower, are parents thrilled?

I have reported on DIY gadgets, and I have celebrated the DIY spirit. I’m sort of on the fence in celebrating this one. Perhaps I need to put away my prejudices about teens who make flamethrowers.

The sad part is that this teen, who goes by the name of “ShockSlayer” has probably done more than I did in my teens by creating a flame thrower on the wrist.

I guess I prefer the ones who make a helicopter or a weather balloon rather than something that could be used as a weapon. However, I think that just because some kid makes a flamethrower doesn’t mean the kid is a total pyro or something.

I do have a quote from my Source that is kind of disturbing, though.

Now SS hasn’t figured out a permanent source of ignition, so he has to start it with a torch, but once it’s going, it’s definitely something that could strike fear into the hearts of anyone who tries to mess with him.

In fact, it is pretty good that he managed to figure out how to use the aerosol can of butane, tubing, a nozzle, and then a finger-controlled mechanism.

It reminds me of something that the X-man Pyro wore from the X-men movies. I don’t think he could get his fire started either, but he could control it.

In the same manner, I think that this ShockSlayer could probably control his device, and I’m sure his parents have taught him how to use such a device properly.