Teddy Bear Lamp might scar your child for life

Does a child in your family have a rough time falling asleep without their cuddly teddy and a night light? They’re not alone. In fact, I’d still sleep with my childhood teddy bear if it wasn’t for the wear and tear it’s taken over the years, which now means I keep it in a special hyperbaric chamber.

While this teddy might not be the best stuffed animal to snuggle with in bed, it does offer both a cuddly exterior and an extra glow of light to protect you from the boogie man. This Teddy Bear Lamp replaces the head of a teddy with a lamp shade and bulb.

It’s going to be kinda tough to explain to your children why the teddy bear is missing their respiratory-essential head, but maybe you can just tell them the teddy’s father was a chandelier or something. But I thought the stork brought babies to mommies and daddies? Whoops, just opened a new can of worms.

You might want to point out to the kids that now the teddy bear is extra “bright”. It could help heal the scar of stuffed animal decapitation. Or maybe just don’t get this lamp if you have kids in your home. You can grab your own Teddy Bear Lamp for £59.99 ($114) from Drink Stuff.

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