Technogel – Your “Dream” Mattress by Dr. Scholls

There isn’t a single product I can think of that can influence how you feel, quite as much as your mattress. If you have ever spent the night on a bad one, you know exactly what I’m talking about. With a few exceptions, mattresses haven’t changed very much in a very long time. I have one of those adjustable firmness air beds, but even that’s really old news.
Check out the Technogel Mattress, with a special, patented jelly-like layer (think shoe insoles) designed for the medical industry, they mold to each individual’s body and distributes your body weight over its entire surface, this special gel layer actually conforms to every curve, enveloping you in a cool comforting surface that allows you to sleep like never before.
The mattress has been specifically designed to optimize ventilation with little columns of jell that act as air channels all along the top surface of the mattress, allowing both airflow and proper moisture conduction so that body heat is evenly dispersed throughout the mattress which, lowers surface temperature by a few degrees so the  mattress is always dry and cool. Cool, is much better for good sleeping than warm. Heck, they just look comfortable.
In the U.S. the Dr. Scholl’s Technogel Mattress will come in 2 styles, in all the regular sizes from twin to California king and have varying amounts of Technogel covering them (depending on the model) this mattress is designed to relax and comfort your entire body like never before. Technogel is made in Italy, but the mattresses are assembled in the USA and will be available for $2,899 to $4,899. Check the for more details, including information on Technogel pillows.