Teach Parents Tech – Because someone had to do it

I know first hand the pitfalls of trying to teach my parents how to do stuff on the computer. I also know firsthand how frustrating it can be. I won’t even go into how most of this private instruction takes place at 10 pm, over the phone… “Yes Dad, the button IS there, in the upper right hand corner, you’re just not seeing it.”
Well, Google steps in to save the day, or my sanity, whichever. is a service launched only a few weeks ago with the sole purpose of teaching your *ahem* less tech-savvy parents, family or friends how to handle such death defying tasks as cutting and pasting, or *gasp* changing your screensaver.
You probably thought I was kidding when I said death defying, not so much. You try and teach my parents to share some photographs on the computer, and then we’ll talk.
Presented in a novel format, the check – box type delivery is a fast, fun and free way to answer some of the most common tech questions by way of a Tech Support Care Package video. Delivered in a simple, personalized e-mail, the only job you need to do is make sure they know how to open it, then sit back and relax, your job is done. Of course they’re still gonna call, but maybe just to make sure you changed your underwear or threw that “thing” out that was under your bed.