Teac Retorodezain Radio CD Recorder

Although this Japanese retro radio will probably never make it into the US or the UK, there’s no harm in taking a moment to appreciate a good gadget.  Especially a retro radio that offers so many modern goodies to help sweeten the deal.  It has all sorts of things that’ll easily keep you content for your basic and even some of your more complex audio needs.

The Retorodezain Radio/CD recorder with USB memory and MP3 playback comes from Teac.  It has a 2.1 speaker system with a 65mm pair of speakers and a 80mm subwoofer.  To finish off the deal you’ll get a 10W subwoofer.  As far as the little details go it has a mini-jack headphone output and a handy little remote control.  This comes in red, white and black.  It’ll be up for purchase for 20,000 Yen or about $234.

Source: Newlaunches