Teac LP-R550 all-in-one audio device

Here’s a mega gadget for those of you that are hardcore about your audio gadgets.  It combines numerous audio devices to make it so that you just have one big gadget, instead of a bunch of small ones to fit your audio needs.  It has just about everything you could possibly need, no, it’s not perfect.  It is missing a USB port to make it possible to just plug it into your PC.  However, it has so many other things that it’s not so bad that’s left out.

It comes with a turntable, a cassette player/recorder, a CD player/recorder along with a PLL synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner.  Teac announced the device today and it will be released in Japan as of July 30th.  The CD portion supports CD/CD-R/CD-RW and the 3-speed turntable supports 33(LP)/45(EP)/78(SP) and has an auto return.  It comes with a remote control and has built-in 3.5Wx2ch speakers.  Once it is released in Japan it’s going to cost $750.

Source: Crunchgear