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This Tea Egg has a built-in hourglass


When you have a moment to nab a cup of tea, you want it to be a relaxing, bright spot in your day. You don’t want to brew your tea for too little or too much time as you’ll only be left with a sad hot cup of liquid that you don’t want to drink, but also don’t want to throw out. While there are a myriad of apps to act as a timer, some of us like more old-fashioned methods that are a bit more tangible than opening an app.

This Tea Egg will steep your tea through a stainless steel egg at the bottom, and will give you an hourglass on the top. What makes this unique is that the hourglass is magnetic, and you’ll be able to take it off to flip it whenever you need. It has markings for 2-5 minutes, but you’ll need to be knowledgeable on what time is best for what tea.

This is certainly a nifty trinket for loose-leaf tea lovers, but it is a tad pricey at $24.95 for the novelty. Thankfully, there’s also a stand it comes with so you have a place for the used up leaves to sit until you’re ready to deal with them. This comes in red or black, though you’ll have to be ok with whatever color option you get as you don’t get to pick.

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