Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, once a joke, could be reality

On April Fools Day, I saw many tech blogs report on a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag from the ThinkGeek store. I had my doubts on whether or not it was legit, and so I didn’t report on it. I wanted to, because I always like reporting on Star Wars gadgets. We at Coolest Gadgets have reported on so many Star Wars gadgets here that it should be a category.

A lot of people apparently wanted this Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, and ThinkGeek has responded to this “tsunami of requests” by trying to bring this product to reality. They have no idea if Lucasfilm will approve of this idea, but considering all the money that could be made here, why not?

Also, there have been dumber Star Wars products to surface. One of my favorites was the Jar Jar Binks candy dispenser that was like a Pez Dispenser, but the candy was Jar Jar’s tongue. Yes, you could French kiss Jar Jar, and it was a sweet experience. Yes, that is very disgusting.

The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag has a pretty disgusting premise too. Remember the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where Han cuts open the Tauntaun with a lightsaber, and puts Luke inside the smelly carcass to keep our hero warm? This sleeping bag, with its Tauntuan skin exterior, “guts” interior pattern, and lightsaber zipper is intended to re-create this scene.

Man, I remember playing this scene out when I was a kid, and we just used a regular sleeping bag. If you want your kids to a more authentic experience when they play Star Wars, then you should sign up here to be notified if and when the Tauntaun sleeping bag becomes a reality. There is no word on a price as yet.