Tasty Food in Gaseous/Liquid Form

Have you experienced molecular gastronomy? This art of using food’s physical and chemical characteristics to exploit the true flavors and appease our palettes has a big following. Some smart designers in France decided that drinking our favorite recipes offers a unique method of tasting our food – with fewer calories!
Le Whaf turns your food into vapor. Mix your liquid concoction together and insert into the stylish looking glass carafe. Tilt the vessel to then create the vapor using ultrasound waves from vibrating piezoelectric crystals. Pour some vapor into a glass. Then, using the Whaf Straw, sip the vapor to get a massive burst of flavor but few calories. You literally taste the liquid as it is recreated from the gas generated. Can you imagine being able to enjoy that glorious chocolate dessert without the calories? Or imagine an entire meal being taken in through the straw and reproduced in your mouth. The makers are undertaking the task of a cookbook to help you create too. The carafe cost €129 (about $168) and a 6-pack of straws €5. Le Whaf may not be the way to eat every meal, but the first 1000 units have sold out. So someone must be finding a good use. More are in production though. Stay tuned to the lab store for more details on when Le Whaf will return.