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Taser’s Axon Fleet in-car video system

taser-car-cameraNobody likes to go through the hassle of an accident. After all, accidents are so much trouble when you have to file a police report, deal with all of the necessary paperwork so that the insurance money can arrive, not to mention the very clear and present danger of actually dying in an accident, or ending up with some really serious injuries that could take a very, very long time to heal from. Taser has just announced its spanking new Axon Fleet in-car video system that will cost one $499 a pop. At that price point, you would end up with not one, but a couple of cameras for the front window as well as the rear seat area. Pre-orders for the Axon Fleet will kick off from this week onward, where shipment is tippedto happen in the first quarter of next year.

Specially designed with connectivity in mind, the Axon Fleet will see the incorporation of Axon Signal technology which will automatically activate during critical situations. Apart from that, Wi-Fi connectivity ensures that it remains connected to the infinite computing power of the cloud with, so that future capabilities can be envisaged within the ride itself. The presence of a wide-angle lens and HD video, married to a flexible design, paves the way for quick and straightforward camera swaps, while a rear-facing camera and a pre-event buffer for up to two minutes will certainly offer additional peace of mind.

Some of the features and benefits that the Axon Fleet would come with include Retina HD Video, where it has been touted to be the industry’s best low-light video which now records in HD, Wireless Activation that will turn camera on with light bar, TASER and other sensor activation. a Rear-Facing Camera to see all that is happening within the car itself, the fact that there is no maintenance downtime to worry about since replacing it is as simple as removing it in a matter of seconds. Not only that, the full-featured solution will be on the receiving end of new capabilities via software upgrades every 30 days, now how about that?

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