Taser C2 delivers shocking surprise


You can never be too safe these days when walking around, which is why it is prudent to get this Taser C2 for the lady in your life. It looks like a shaver at first glance, but when one’s eyes glaze over the lightning flash symbol, it definitely spells trouble. The Taser C2 is touted to be the next wave in citizen defense, enabling you to stop a threat that is up to 15 feet away to keep you and your family safe. In case you are assaulted, the C2 can also be used as a contact stun device to repel the assailant.

Additional features include an Anti-Felon ID system that deters misuse as it performs a computer background check on the would-be purchaser beforehand, while the integrated LED light at the bottom works great as an impromptu torchlight in emergencies. The lithium power magazine is good for 50 firings, so be prepared to use it wisely instead of recording a home video edition of Jackass which will be uploaded later onto YouTube. The Taser C2 retails for $300, while the model with a laser targeting system will set you back by an additional $50. Laws in certain states in the U.S. prohibit the sale of the Taser C2. Shipping will begin this April.

One of the misgivings I’ve always had is the fact that the assailant could easily knock the Taser C2 out of the victim’s hands and turn the tables on the victim instead. Perhaps future iterations would include a biometric reader of some sort that activates the taser only when the fingerprint matches.

Source: Ubergizmo

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