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Targus reveals powered docking stations for improved productivity

targus-docking-stationTargus is a name that we often associate with laptop accessories, as evident from the past products that the company has rolled out. Well, this time around, things are a little bit more different, with the launch of powered docking stations that will be able to fuel a more flexible workspace. In other words, can employers expect productivity to rise with the presence of these powered docking stations? I suppose the standard answer would be “Yes”, although it would really take a trial run to see if it lives up to such lofty expectations or not. To know more about these Targus powered docking stations, why not take a closer look at them right after the jump.

Offering not one, but two new powered docks to its extensive range of docking stations, the Universal USB 3.0 DV Docking Station with Power (DOCK171USZ) as well as the Universal USB 3.0 DV4K Docking Station with Power (DOCK177USZ) are certainly beauties in their own right to behold.

Ron DeCamp, Vice President, Global Product Management and Development at Targus shared, “Our latest powered docks represent the progress we’ve made in the docking station vertical since our flagship powered docks, ACP71USZ and ACP77USZ. Complete with integrated charging and interchangeable power tips, these docks enable enterprises to accommodate users with virtually any device at any workstation and they facilitate a flexible workspace.”

Sporting an integration of charging alongside a slew of many ports, these new docking stations will be able to send power to your laptop as well as everything else that they are connected to. Two connections will provide users with access to dual monitors as well as other peripherals without the need for a power supply located right under the desk. This will also allow users to leave their laptop charger in their bag, saving time as the day starts. Its special wedge design is also there to help support the laptop as part of saving desk real estate along the way while offering a comfortable typing angle.

We also like the fact that it comes with interest in scalability, as the DOCK177USZ supports the emerging 4K standard while having HDMI support which can have it hook up to TVs and larger format displays.

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