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Target’s Remote Control Gift Card

rc_giftcardAs an adult, I always appreciate a gift card. After all, I am willing to wait until after Christmas day to go to the store and buy what I want.

However, I remember being a kid, and I wanted the present on Christmas morning, and I could not wait until then. In other words, I wanted a toy that I could play with now.

Target has figured out a way to merge a gift card and a toy with their Remote Control Gift Card. The card itself works as a remote control with an antenna and buttons, and there is a Santa Mouse that will drive around the Christmas tree.

Of course, the Santa Mouse has the Target logo, and it is riding a shopping cart, so it just encourages consumerism at its best and worst.

According to my source, you must get a $25 gift card in order to get this toy, but I have no idea if there is an additional charge for the toy. I would think that there was, because I’m assuming that Target doesn’t have elves making this thing.

Also suspiciously absent is information about the power source of the card remote and cart. I mean, this can’t run on the energy of the universe. And most R/C toys require a significant investment as far as the batteries are concerned.