Target Gift Cards get into the digital picture for the holidays

Target is known for its colorful and interesting gift cards. And whn you consider the logo is a set of circles, who can blame the company for trying to spice up their gift cards with strange and innovative designs? This holiday, Target is going beyond strange with a gift card that doubles as a digital camera. You read that right. A gift card that gift givers can take pictures with.

The gift card which comes in increments from $50 to $1,000 is actually a digital camera that comes with 8MB on board memory to store about 50 images from the 1.2 megapixel chip (which means you won’t get anything above a snapshot before it degrades terribly – but hey, it’s still cool).

In addition, the camera comes with a USB cord, driver disk, instruction manual and a voucher for 40 free prints from the Target photo center. The camera runs on two AAA batteries an also has a self timer. And like standard gift cards, the Target Gift Cards have no fees, they don’t expire, and they can be reloaded in value to be used again.

So, not only can you give your loved one $50 of any Target merchandise they want, but you can record their glee right on the spot!

Hat Tip – GamerTell

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