TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive

Love all things Dr. Who? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to check out the $29.99 TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive which is being prepared to be released sometime this September. Targeting serious collectors for all things Dr. Who, the TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive is pretty much self explanatory – it will come with 4GB of internal memory for you to stash all your favorite essays on Dr. Who as well as script breakdowns and analysis, and there is also a blue LED light which kicks into action whenever the TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive is plugged in.
Not only that, this little puppy will double up as a keyring, allowing it to follow you wherever you are, so much so that you need not worry about not having a USB flash drive when you need one during the most random moments. You will not be able to do any time travel with this, but files can travel with you wherever you are – as long as the grand total of files do not exceed the remaining space on the TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive, of course.