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Tapia – the AI Robot who makes you feel feelings

Tapia AI

We live in a day and age where work is becoming more and more important, and our social lives are starting to suffer. It’s not that we don’t want to go out with friends, but if we want to keep our heads above water and move on to a job we don’t hate, we have to work harder than ever. That being said, it can get pretty lonely when you’re working, keeping up with a home, and trying to make sure your body isn’t falling apart.

While we can’t hire a personal assistant, you can buy Tapia, the AI Robot Companion. This looks like a little white egg with eyes, but it can do far more than add a little protein to your day. It can remember names, birthdays, recognize voices, actions, and pick up on things like your tone and inflection to know whether you’ve had a bad day. Imagine coming home from a terrible day and having Tapia turn on your favorite tunes while making you a coffee.

This little robot is also capable of making phone calls, telling you the weather, ordering things online for you, notifying family if you’re absent for a certain period of time, manage your schedule, read stories, and more. By itself, the battery will last for about 8 hours and will need 6 hours on the charging base. It can speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, but be careful, because you’ll only get to pick once in the setup. This robot will cost you $1,580, but seeing that it can be just as good as Amazon Echo and also remind you of more personal things like calling your mom, it might be the better option overall, just not for your wallet.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop