Tapi Tap Squeeze Drink Fountain

I have often voiced my love for simple gadgets.  It’s far more popular to have a gadget that just does it all, but every now and then it just gets tiring.  Sometimes you just want to use a simple device that always simply follows through on its chosen task.  There’s no 20 page booklet or numerous online tutorials to tell you how to run it, it just works.  Tapi is another one of those simple devices.

This doesn’t filter your water or turn pretty colors depending on the temperature of the water.  No, it just allows for you to drink water comfortably out of the faucet.  Just about everyone has had that desperate moment where they resort to drinking out of the faucet rather than cleaning a glass.  Well instead of trying to fit your head under the faucet you just slip this rubber tap onto the faucet.  To get the fountain to work just squeeze the bottom and the water will shoot out of the top.  The Dreamfarm product is supposed to be shipping out in August of this year.  These don’t appear to be available online, but you can punch your town into the store locator to find where these are sold.

Source: Crunchgear

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