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TAP-EX, Keeping you Connected


What would you do without WiFi? It’s highly likely you know the answer to that question. You know, because every time you try to use your computer out by the pool, or downstairs in the basement… or sometimes, even when you’re trying to look up a recipe in the kitchen, your internet connection is at best agonizingly slow, at worst, non-existent. Yes, we have all experienced the pain of the WiFi dead zone.

Check out TAP-EX, a high power, touch screen, Wi-Fi range extender. This  compact device can boost the range of any existing Wi-Fi router by repeating and amplifying it’s original signal, delivering Wi-Fi coverage to hard-to-reach locations like outside on your deck, in your garage, or your back bedroom. Setting up the Tap-Ex is a simple operation,  takes just minutes and only requires a few taps of your finger.

The Tap-Ex is also small… five inches tall by about five inches wide, allowing it to be placed on a shelf, desk, or even mounted to a wall. The TAP-EX also offers an optional modern digital clock display making it one of the first WiFi extenders you don’t have to hide. The Tap-Ex also boasts wired ports for direct connections of smart TVs, gaming consoles, or any other network device. It is also comes equipped with a USB port for local file sharing.

So if you would like the luxury of an additional 10.000 square feet of steady WiFi goodness all over your home, the Tap-Ex should be on your holiday gift list. The TAP-EX is under 120 bucks, and it should be in stock soon at, or your local retailer.