TAP showcases new wearable keyboard and mouse

tapThe keyboard and mouse have certainly come a long way from their early days, where they were just pieces of plastic and other material which were crude to use. Then came along the ergonomic keyboard which was supposedly able to help alleviate all kinds of repetitive stress injuries among users, especially cubicle drones who do nothing but hammer against the keyboard all day long. Wireless technology came along, followed by wearable technology. It is TAP that has decided to tap into the world of the wearable keyboard and mouse, pardon the pun.

This all new wearable keyboard and mouse is certainly fashionable, and it does lend an air of Tom Cruise’s Minority Report interface although we have yet to arrive at such level of technology. Pre-orders for the TAP wearable keyboard and mouse are already being taken, with an asking price of $129.99 a pop.

It will operate sans wires, which makes perfect sense as no one would like to be tethered to something and looking ridiculous. Using Bluetooth connectivity, this wireless wearable keyboard will be able to transform just about anything that you touch into a surface on which you can type on. I would say that this is a natural evolution of the holographic keyboard that we have seen more than a decade ago, except that this one is far more versatile in its use since there is no “base” device to speak of. Being a one-handed keyboard, there is a learning curve to adapt to, but modern day technology fans should not find it to be an issue. It will alter the paradigm for controlling and texting to mobile devices such as wearable screens, AR/VR, smartwatches, accessibility devices and pro tablets such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Definitely one of the cooler wirelses keyboards that we have seen in a while, that is for sure!

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