Tap Lights that Change Color Based on Temperature

Colored Water by temperature

We wrote about the LED faucet light a while ago and as cool as it was I remember writing how it would be even cooler if the color of the light changed depending on the temperature of the water. We received a comment from the company Equa telling us that they have a product that does just that.

Equa have a new series of taps called Light Delight which as you can guess from the name and pictures have an integrated light shining into the water flow.

The clever bit is the colour varies according to the temperature of the water. So you have blue for cold, violet for lukewarm and red for hot. As well as the cool factor this will obviously add to your bathroom it does serve as a good safety feature for young children. I know my hot tap gets ridiculously hot so being able to see rather than feel could save a few scolded hands.

Thanks Giulio for pointing this product out to us.