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The Tao Chair hides a gym in your living room recliner

Tao Chair

When you have a crazy schedule that has you busy most of the time, sitting still and doing nothing is almost painful. You know your brain needs a break from constantly straining itself, but it’s dreadfully annoying to waste time trying to relax when it only stresses you out. If you need better ways to relax, why not sit in a reclining chair that can dual purpose as a workout?

The Tao Chair may look like a modern piece of furniture, but it is far more than a pretty place to put your buns. This will allow you to do isometric training for various muscle groups all over your body. This means resistance training where you pull and push against the chair. The frame is said to be quite sturdy, so you can push with all your might, but the chair will stay in place. This is perfect for those who know they need to “sit” mentally, but can’t stand to not be accomplishing something every minute of the day.

Of course, it’s also great for couch potatoes who want to burn calories but don’t know where to start. There is a display that will show you how many calories you’ve pushed away during a sitting, as well as how many you’ve burned over time in the chair. Having this screen in front of you will remind you to keep trying. There is currently no price point or release date as things are still in the early prototype stage, but it’s certainly something to keep your eye on. Marathons on Netflix could become crazy fitness sessions!

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