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Tanks for the Charge

You know you did it. You woke up today and said “I need a one-of-a-kind iPhone charger that will run me a couple hundred bucks.” OK, maybe not. But after you see this custom iPhone Tank Charger you may change your mind.

First you need to know about Phu – a “Phuturistic” 3D artist who creates works through vinyl, fiberboard and other materials, often recycled.  His motto says it all: deconstruct/reconstruct. Phu’s materials have been shown worldwide for over 7 years and he has created quite a following. In the vein of recycled materials, unique design and sort of industrial inspiration, Phu created the iPhone Tank Charger for Four Corner Store. Available for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 this charger will set you apart. Tanks are constructed of found items and reassembled as futuristic looking devices that elicit thoughts of Wall-E. Chargers are included too. Stock versions of the charging tank are available for $395. Or you can contact Four Corner Store to discuss a custom charger based on your request and Phu’s imagination. He can even do iPad stands too. No word yet on USB or Android options. For the person who has everything this tank seems an easy choice to stand out. For the rest of us, we can keep wishing.

1 thought on “Tanks for the Charge”

  1. Those are pretty crazy. I don’t know if it’s a Bay Area thing or not, but I’ve met several people in San Francisco that have these elaborate, custom-built smartphone chargers. My old boss had one for a Galaxy S3 that looked like a pinball machine, where you’d slide the phone under the actual glass to connect to the dock. I like the Tanks better, though. Maybe I’ll forgo the iPhone upgrade next year and buy one of these instead.

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