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Tamtam Flash by Designaffairs Studio puts directions on any flat surface

I have never used a GPS while walking, but if I did, I would want to use a Tamtam instead of a TomTom.

This is the Tamtam Flash from Designaffairs Studio, and it is designed to make it easy for the average pedestrian who is traveling on the sidewalk instead of on the highway.

As you can see, the Tamtam works as a flashlight which will enable it to work on any flash surface, such as this sidewalk. I can imagine that there must be some chip in it that makes certain that the arrow always points in the correct direction.

I have no idea how the user programs it. Perhaps the user has to connect the flashlight to a separate apparatus, or maybe the whole thing can be programmed right on the flashlight itself. Maybe it will have a touchscreen.

Of course, this is still in the concept phase for now. Why else do you think a silhouette is holding it in the picture. I’m not certain why they went with this shadow of a person rather than a real person, but it looks like the shadow is holding a Wiimote.

The plan is to make certain that this flashlight can create not only arrows, but scrollable maps on the wall. There is even plans to get the Tamtam Flash to read QR codes.


3 thoughts on “Tamtam Flash by Designaffairs Studio puts directions on any flat surface”

  1. Only one problem with such a device, it would give creepers/weirdos/stalkers/jealous lovers an upper-hand to find your exact house location and arrive there before you. Please do attach a 911 push button or spray mace canister integrated with whistle and tazer.

  2. Celebrities will be so screwed with physco fans finding their homes with this device lmao! I do not approve this gadget ever made but of course it will be made, not as if I can stop all technology because trust me if I had God’s power, I would literally erase all technological advances and have everyone go back to horse carriages and eating natural crops from the earth instead of crap we eat today we call food causing diseases and mayor chemical in-balances in the mind and body.

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