Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug

I do know of parents who originally wanted to bring their kids to watch “Ted”, but after reading movie reviews online and realizing that this talking teddy bear is a whole lot more profane compared to the average playground chatter, they decided to settle for a different movie – which is more child friendly, too. I guess if you are one of those who are old enough to watch Ted on the silver screen, you too, can handle having a Ted-friendly mug in your office. I am referring specifically to the $17.99 Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug, and as its name suggests, this mug has a mind of its own and can speak for itself, but it is all R-rated speech, so do keep this out of reach of little kids, all right?

After all, a mug is no good if you cannot put whatever you want in it, And with the Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug, you can throw in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, vodka, moonshine or absinthe, whatever drinkable liquid you desire, and your friend Ted will still welcome it, being by your side each time you take a swig. How does the Talking Ted R Rated Talking Mug work? Every time you lift it off a surface, Ted will mention a phrase from the movie at random, although his library is limited to just 5 phrases which tend to be full of swear words. It is powered by a trio of removable 3LR44 batteries.