Talking Plate knows if you’re taking too much

talking-plate.jpgEverybody lets loose during the Christmas holidays, and it is no wonder with the amount of delicious food sitting on the table. Nobody but the most iron-willed person will be able to resist such gastronomic delights, which is why we have technology to help us maintain our weight. No, I’m not talking about the Nike+iPod sports kit that encourages you to dress up pompously when pounding the pavement – what we’re look at here is something closer to home. The Talking Plate will give you a dressing down in public when you’ve piled on much more than you can chew on your plate.

This unique piece of dinnerware measures 15cm in diameter and is connected to a palm-sized computer, where the integrated weight sensors will be able to detect if the diner has piled on more food than he/she is supposed to have. Some of the phrases uttered include “Where’s your willpower?” and “Stop right there”. I doubt that such words from a machine would be able to stop a pig-headed glutton, but it is an interesting gadget nonetheless to stock up when guests start to pour into your pad for that Christmas dinner.

Developed by Dr. Hryhory Chausovsky, the Talking Plate will definitely embarrass unsuspecting guests, but if you (being the host) is not so cruel, there is always the alternative of a special belt that monitor’s the expansion of the wearer’s stomach as the meal proceeds, beeping out a discreet alarm to inform you when the maximum allowable extension has been breached. There is no word on when the Talking Plate will be available nor how much it will cost, but we aren’t called Coolest Gadgets for nothing, right?

Source: Ubergizmo and Iol

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