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Talking Forehead Thermometer


The talking forehead thermometer can be a parent’s best friend. If you have ever experienced trying to take a toddlers temperature the old fashion way then you know just how extremely frustrating it can be.

Even when a child a sick, if they are like mine, they still run around the house and have plenty of energy and do not want to stop long enough for you to take their temperature. And, what about the ways you must take a youngsters temperature, either under the arm or rectally. Both ways may still not give a very good reading. Most children will squirm around and try to get away.

With the Talking Forehead Thermometer, all you have to do is place it on their forehead and wait about two minutes and you will hear the reading in a clear audible voice. Now, any child can sit still that long and they will be excited to hear the thermometer talk, so that give them another reason to be patient.

This cool gadget is accurate to within .04º F. It will work great for either a child or an adult and also shows not only the temperature but also the time and date on a large LCD screen.

Another great feature is that it will store up to 30 readings to you can monitor a fever over a period of hours or days. This will give you and idea if the fever is going up or if hopefully the temperature is going back to normal.

With the Talking Forehead Thermometer, your little one will be more than happy to watch as you take their temperature and will squeal with joy the minute is speaks and reads their temperature. They will enjoy it so much they will want their temperature taken even when they feel perfect and are not sick.

The Talking Forehead Thermometer comes with the cover, three washable plastic probe covers and the batteries. You can find it online for around $30.

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