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Talking Fingertip Heart Rate Monitor – can you get any lazier?

talking-fingertip-hr-monitorDevices that we happen to own these days are no doubt getting smarter and smarter – after all, it should be a natural progression of things when technological advances are made in leaps and bounds. A heart rate monitor in the past used to be just that – something that you clip on to your fingertip, before letting its sensors do the necessary work prior to revealing the total reading. Well, for those of us who would want to feel all the more important “like a boss”, the $79.95 Talking Fingertip Heart Rate Monitor certainly helps your emotions move you in the right direction.

This particular fingertip pulse oximeter will not just provide a reading of your O2 level and pulse rate, but it will speak it out instead – all without requiring you to monitor the display on a continuous basis. It also does away with the need to wear uncomfortable chest straps, or to pay a visit a doctor (assuming you just want a reading rather than going for a health check up), or provide a blood sample, as this pulse oximeter works simply by clipping to your finger before it automatically announces your blood’s oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The announcement will be accompanied by readings shown on a 1.33″ LED screen via large, easy-to-read numbers. The entire shebang is powered by a couple of AAA batteries that should be able to last the distance.