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Talking CD Case

Talking CD Box
A great idea to add that little personal touch to the gift you’ve lovingly chosen – be it a music CD, DVD or pictures of the kids at Christmas. By using the Talking CD Case you can record your own message, or get the kids to record their own little intro (they love this – and so do the recipients!) Perfect for gifts for Granny/Grandpa or people you don’t see on a day to day basis.

Also a great idea for those who may be visually impaired. You get 60 seconds of recording time, which is just enough to relay your heartfelt thanks to those who matter or simply which album or film is in the case. Available from for a snip at £2.50 each.

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  1. “In the year 2007 primitive technology placed data on what were called disks. It was said that the integrity of the data would never be lost but, they never anticipated plastic eating nano-mites.”

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