Talk Dock merges the old and the new

Ah, to be young again! I am quite sure that the dusty old landline phone in your home would wish the clock to be wound back by a few decades, before the scourge of mobile phones and smartphones, which have more or less turned the landline into a redundant expense for most homes, at least in developed countries. Remember those hours that you spent yakking away with your best friend over the phone, so much so that other folks start to ask your parents when they meet them, “How come your house phone is always engaged?” Well, the $36 Talk Dock will bring the old and the new in one device, where it comes in the form of a telephone receiver, doubling up as a dock and charging station for your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5.

For folks who are not an Apple aficionado, fret not – the Talk Dock receiver itself is prepared for such a situation, where it boasts of a 3.5mm audio jack which can plug into any phone’s headset port, and not only that, it can be detached from the base for you to bring it with you regardless of where you are.