Take Your Tech on the Slopes!

The last time that I went skiing, cellular phones and MP3 players didn’t exist. If I ever do go skiing again, I probably would not take any mobile devices on the slopes, because a wipeout could smash them, not to mention what damage the snow could do. However, I found two devices that are good to go for the snow.

The first is the Stereo Toasters, a pair of headphones that can work as earmuffs. They adjust with a sliding mechanism to create a behind the head fit that will keep your ears warm. Unfortunately, the product description does not say whether or not it is wireless, which would be an excellent feature when you are skiing.

The second is the G.Cell GX-1 Bluetooth Ski Gloves, which have a speaker and microphone built-in. You can sync these gloves to your mobile phone via Bluetooth so you can receive calls with the answer and disconnect buttons.

So now you can listen to some great tunes while your shushing and slaloming, and not worry about missing an important call! Now, if only they could make a device that will allow you to surf the net while waiting in the ski-lift line.

The Stereo Toasters are available for about $21.95 in seven colors. As for the G.Cell GX-1 Bluetooth Ski Gloves, they will set you back about $495.

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