Take your passwords with you using Power LogOn

Power LogOnWhen the average Joe uses the internet, security is never their main concern, convenience is. That means using the same password for their banking, E-mail, eBay account, etc. Of course, the password is stuck to the monitor on a Post-It, too.

The only solution for this, err, problem, is to make it easy for people to manage multiple passwords without having to remember them all. The Power LogOn makes it simple.

The Power LogOn stores all your passwords on an encrypted card which you carry around. To access your passwords, you put your card into the receiver and enter your PIN. There is a desktop model, which connects via USB, and a notebook model that uses a PCMIA card slot. The cards will work across both models, so you can use the same card on your desktop and notebook.

To function with your computers, just install the software and Power LogOn will fill in all remembered passwords and ask you if you want to save new ones. It couldn’t be easier.

This means you can use your Power LogOn card across systems, meaning you can take your passwords with you when you travel, or use it on multi-user work computers. There are tons of possibilities.

Your Power LogOn will generate extremely random passwords, supposedly taking up to 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to crack.

If you want the convenience of taking all your passwords with you while remaining totally secure, the Power LogOn is a great choice. The desktop model is $130, the notebook model is $140, and just getting the Power LogOn card costs $90. Get them all from Access-Smart.

[found on GizWizBiz]

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