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The Tailio makes being a crazy cat person far too easy


Cats are independent, stuck up, and neurotic. It makes you wonder how anyone couldn’t love them. They do have a loving side and secretly want to cuddle, but try their hardest to make you think they could care less if you existed. You are after all, their personal butler, chef, and maid. Having a pet is fun and relatively easy if you can keep up with them, but it’s hard to keep a keen eye on every little habit they have.

There’s one thing in particular that we don’t want to take any time to look at, but has all the tell-tale signs of your furry friend starting to get sick. Their litter box may not be the first place you’d want to check to see if your pet is ill, but it will give you the most information. If you’d prefer not to check their droppings on a daily basis, the Tailio can take over that task. This is a device that rests under your litter box, and can alert you if something is amiss with your cat’s bowel movements.

This acts as a scale so you can know the weight of your cat, but its main pull is that it tracks the routine and amount of presents¬†your cat leaves behind. Of course, it also tracks their behavior while in the litter box, and if anything doesn’t seem to be right with the world, your phone will alert you through the corresponding app. This will cost you $149, and is sure to make your life and the life of your veterinarian far easier.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter