Tail It GPS trackers help you avoid misplaced items

Tail_itWe live in an extremely busy world these days, which makes it far more difficult to keep track of items and other events on the calendar. With so many different aspects of life to juggle, it can become overwhelming at times. Can you remember the last time you misplaced your wallet or smartphone, only to realize that it was left in the freezer or underneath the sofa? Those heart-in-your-mouth moments are definitely not something anyone would like to experience on a daily basis, which is why Tail It decided to come up with its range of four small, modestly priced GPS trackers that can be applied to virtually any item that has the possibility of being lost or stolen.

Boasting of a global range, Tail It’s latest GPS trackers will be able to offer the location of any affixed object within a matter of seconds. It will still require the use of a smartphone though and a related app, but at the very least, you do not have to worry about losing your important possessions anymore. Not quite unless you lose your smartphone in the process, of course, but that would surely be a disaster of epic proportions on a personal level.

Sporting GPS global coverage with accurate positioning, the location is distributed via a mobile network through a SIM card that is placed in the device. A lot will also depend on GPS conditions, but so far, Tail It claims that the locators have an accurate location precision of down to five meters, making it pretty much as accurate as you can get on a civilian basis. As for battery life, it can last for up to 3 weeks for general and pet locators, while up to eight weeks for the Tail it+ and bike locators.

This is a Kickstarter project that is far different from any other for the simple reason that the products are already ready to roll out, having gone through testing in the actual market itself. In other words, there is a ready stock waiting for those who are interested in keeping their personal belongings safe and sound.

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