Tagg Pet Tracker – Your Pet can Text You while he’s Away

When I was a kid we had a dog that ran away all the time, I remember combing the streets and screaming his name over and over, making posters and driving the streets with my dad. Thing is, he was so cute and lovable, we would always find him hanging out with some neighbors, getting fed table scraps and lounging in the grass, but I still worried, I loved him so much.
Well, little Digger’s social life would have been cut short with the Tagg Pet Tracker, designed for dogs and cats over 10 lbs. this small, lightweight device attaches to your pet’s favorite collar with a 2 piece clip. Of course it is designed to withstand all the running, digging, jumping and swimming your pet may encounter during his getaway. The tracker is meant to be worn all the time, in all kinds of weather. 
So you set up your “Tagg zone” and attach the device to your beloved pet and Voila! Set it up so you receive a text message about your dog leaving the Tagg zone then check out exactly where he is on the map, Tagg will even provide you with directions! Use your Smartfone or your computer and know your pet will never be lost again.
Just think of all the time we would have saved looking for Digger, we would have known he was at the Murphys, having barbecue… He would have stayed there is he could.
Less than 100 bucks for the unit, includes 1 month of free monitoring (around $7.99 after that) for more information or to watch a video, please visit

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