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Tagg- The Pet Tracker will monitor what your pet is up to

Tagg Pet Tracker
We buy an activity tracker to let us see long term trends in our daily regimens that may be affecting our health. Maybe we’re not sleeping as soundly as we thought, or our workout isn’t doing as much for us as we thought. When it comes to our pets though, we really don’t notice what they’re up to when they venture off, as they also spend a lot of time away from us while we’re at work.

If you’ve ever been curious about what your furry friend has been up to, and want to see a problem before it becomes visually recognizable, then the Tagg Pet Tracker Master Kit may be of use. This works the same way that an activity tracker would for humans, but also has a GPS locator so your dog or cat can’t run off and get themselves lost. Not only will it show you what they’re up to, but it will also give you text or email alerts whenever they go outside of a designated zone you’ve set.

While this is designed for pets over 10 pounds, it should work for a variety of critters. Putting down $100 will get you the tracker, a docking station, the collar clip assembly, a power kit, and three months of service. Of course, after the first three months, you’ll have to pay $7.95 per month. It’s only useful if you’re fine with putting close to $100 on it per year after the initial purchase.

Available for purchase on PetTracker

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  1. LOVE this product. have had it for 1 week only and dont know how I lived without it. my dog ran away once and was picked up by the humane society, and i had to pay a $300 fine just to bring him home. never gonna have to pay that again thanks to tagg!!

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