Taction Technology reveals bass-rich haptic headphone

taction-kannonNot all headphones are created equal, and I would suppose that you can say this is the case with what Taction Technology has in store with their latest device – the bass-rich haptic headphone. Known as the Taction Kannon Headphones, they will make use of vibration in order to render bass audio to 15 Hz, now how about that? In other words, your ears will get more than quality audio, but they might also feel the buzz, so to speak, at crucial moments when gaming, as you enjoy unparalleled bass when it comes to the realms of music, gaming and virtual reality.

The Taction Kannon is no doubt a new breed of haptic headphones which will be able to accurately render low frequency audio with the help of vibrations. It will make use of an innovative driver design, where the Taction Kannons then render deep bass audio down to 15 Hz, which is well beyond the capabilities of traditional headphones.

The team at Taction Technology worked on the Kannon after they noticed that there was a gap in conventional headphones, with the inability to reproduce low frequency audio. You can hear low frequency audio – deep bass below 60 Hz – via vibrations caused by soundwaves resonating within your body, and the Kannon will utilize a newly designed, powerful haptic driver that renders low frequency audio deeper and more accurately than any headphone ever made available commercially. In other words, you would end up with an immersive, powerful and unlike anything currently available on the market.

The Taction Kannon is right now available at a discount for a limited time, where it will carry a recommended retail price of $499 a pop when it makes the Q4 2016 release mark. There will be a limited number of the Kannon available over the next 40 days at a significant discount as part of a Kickstarter campaign, where early birds will be able to enjoy the Kannon at $269, $299 and $389 as long as supplies last at each price tier.

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