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TACPAK can be your little friend

tacpakEver wondered what would it be like if you were able to carry a bunch of essential tools around with you in a discreet manner, not to mention without arousing too much fear or suspicion? Well, the $49.99 TACPAK might be worth checking out then, where you can dub it ‘my little friend’ for obvious purposes. It might be cute and relatively small in nature, but do not underestimate its contents that might end up being a life saver in select situations, as the TACPAK kit itself will include a folding knife, pen, and LED flashlight, all stashed away safely within in waterproof case.

It would be wise not to crack jokes or be a wiseguy when you are with the relevant authorities such as the TSA folks or with the police, of course. This UZI Tactical combo is portable enough to be stored in your trunk or toolbox, you can be ready for dangerous situations at any time. The folding knife sports a 2.75″ 420 stainless steel blade, complete with an anodized aluminum handle with metal pocket clip. The 3.5″ long flashlight will feature a 0.5W LED bulb and durable aluminum alloy body with lanyard, and the box itself is water-tight and shock-resistant, accompanied by a lanyard

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