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The Tablio is a portable laptop desk

Some jobs have one or two aspects that require the use of a computer, and others are solely based on it. Regardless of how many hours of work require you to be in front of a monitor, there’s a good chance you’re going to log several more from free time on your computer as well. Either way, you want to be as comfortable as possible, as you might be there for several hours. It can either be with your PC at a desk, or with a laptop in a myriad of places.

If you like to lounge with your laptop and move around with it, you’ve likely tried tried a variety of ‘comfortable’ spots. The big problem for people who prefer to use a mouse is that it is not particularly easy to maneuver when you’re surrounded by pillows or sitting in an armchair. Instead of using a book or magazine to support your mouse, why not use the Tablio?

This is a wooden laptop desk that has space for your computer, mouse, and phone. It’s a well-ventilated lap desk that can keep things cool, and away from your legs so you don’t get toasted. It’s an excellent idea that is not only portable, but can be packed up alongside your laptop without taking up much extra space. As the phone and mouse pads can be slid back in, you can decide whether it’s a mouse or trackpad kind of day. This can accommodate 13-15 inch laptops, and will cost you $87-97 if you’re interested.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter