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Tabletop Gear Clock shows how time can be really complex

tabletop-gear-clockIn this digital age, there are many different ways to tell the time. You can always take a quick glance at the corner of your computer monitor, or perhaps flick your eyes in the direction of your wristwatch. How about checking out the office clock to know the exact moment to clock out? Well, the smartphone is also another device that many of us use to keep track of time, but how about trying out something different in your home that oozes with class and elegance as well? The $99.95 Tabletop Gear Clock is worth checking out, where this tabletop clock provides simple timekeeping with a complexity of gears.

Looking at it alone might result in headaches for some, since it has a design that is reminiscent of the finest wristwatches that have open cases which will showcase all of their inner workings. As for the Tabletop Gear Clock, it comes built with 52 parts, where among them include wheels, pallets, springs, and escapes that will work in tandem with one another to provide accurate time and an intriguing visual display at the same time. It will be powered by 17 differently sized gears that derive their power from a pair of D batteries, where durable aluminum and ABS construction round it up.