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Tabletop Fireplace keeps you warm at night

tabletop-fireplaceFor those of us who happen to live in a country where the mercury drops very low during winter, I am quite sure that you would have your very own creative methods of keeping warm – without having to spend too much money on heating while you are at it, that is. Well, if budget is an issue, perhaps something far smaller and more personal might be worth checking out – and the $159.95 Tabletop Fireplace could very well be the personal warmer that you are looking for.

The Tabletop Fireplace happens to be a liquid fuel fireplace which will be able to rest on any stable surface, where it delivers the color, crackle, and comfort of a wood-burning fire, sans the smoke, smells, or sparks, of course. It will make use of recycled liquid ethanol fuel in order to release the warmth, resulting in giving off off just water vapor and carbon dioxide as a by-product. This clean-burning, portable fireplace will yield a bright yellow, orange, and red 7″-high flame that flickers without the pesky fumes. It is touted to generate up to 8,500 BTUs per hour (depending upon damper setting), and is capable of heating a 325′ sq. area that makes it perfect for intimate gatherings around an empty fireplace, coffee table, or stand.

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