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The Tabletop Aquaponics System is a self-cleaning fish tank that puts food on the table

Aquaponics System

There is no such thing as a leisurely schedule nowadays. We work all day, trying to make it so that we don’t have to work more in the future. While we can only do so much within one 24-hour period, we’re always striving to do more. If you wish you could have an herb garden but know you don’t have the time to fully take care of it, then you probably wouldn’t mind having a system set up which would allow you to have one while requiring the least amount of work possible.

The Tabletop Aquaponics System is a small planter and fish tank combination that will help keep your fish tank clean and grow food for you at the same time. It also acts as a fountain for those of you who like to hear the sound of running water in the background. Included in this set up are pebbles for soil-less growing, Non-GMO seeds, pH & Ammonia monitors, nitrifying bacteria, a water pump, plant food, and automatic pH balancing oyster shells.

You will need to add fish and water, but that will be relatively easy to come across if there is a nearby pet shop. Keep in mind that you will be putting live creatures into the tank, so you will need to feed them and occasionally change out their water (even with the plants taking the brunt of the cleaning needed). If you are interested in this sort of system for your home or office, then you’ll be looking at dropping around $190, and will have to drive to Phoenix, AZ to pick it up as they’re not shipping out at this time.

Available for purchase on endlessfoodsystems, found via redferret