Tablet Stand for All Uses

As our tablets become a bigger part of life we find ourselves using them everywhere. The desk, the kitchen counter, in bed, in the back yard, in the car. The list goes on and on. And a constant struggle exists with where the heck to set the thing. Doing the “balance the tablet on the stomach with legs bent to keep it upright while avoiding movement to prevent falling to the floor” game really takes away from any relaxation or productivity you attempt. And sure, there are plenty of stands that exist for specific reasons. But with our growing use of iPads, Kindles, Galaxy Tabs and the like, drawing the line on purchasing a stand for every use seems inevitable.

 Meet the tablet stand for just about any function. The LapDawg O-Stand, $79 at Amazon, is a universal tablet stand designed to fit a variety of needs. The four bendable legs enable you to twist, kink or flex your stand – and therefore your tablet – into the perfect position. Put the legs upright, maneuver them around or even create a ‘claw’ to grab onto something. The legs are removable if needed and the neck is bendable for viewing adjustment too. If you have used any of the Joby Gorilla products then you understand the concept. The O-Stand is compatible with all iPad versions, Android tablets, Kindle, Sony eReader, Nook and Kobo.

Imagine the uses! How about a comfortable stand for that tablet while in bed? Or affix it to the headrest in the car so the kids can watch movies. Keep it simple and prop your pad up next to your computer. Take your pick. The O-Stand can handle it.