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The Tablecraft Twist ‘n Shot Cups will make parties drunk faster


If you’ve ever attended a college party, you know the joys of Jello shots. They’re tricky, slippery, and taste dangerously delicious. There’s an awkward aspect of getting the Jello out of the cup though, as not getting the whole shot out in one go has you attempting to get the rest out as gracefully as possible, which never has and never will happen.

If you like to keep it classy at your party where the intent is to get as smashed as possible, then these Twist ‘n Shot Cups are going to be a much-needed party accessory. These are reusable 2 ounce cups that have a twisty plastic part attached to the bottom that will help you to circle out around the Jello to dislodge it from the cup. From there it’s jiggly gelatin bliss and making sure that you don’t have too many at once.

This is a 12 pack that comes in orange, blue, yellow, and pink, so it should be easy to keep track of what shots are for who. This is going to cost you $19.99, and is likely only going to be used for more intimate occasions with smaller groups as mob mentality would likely have people throwing these away or destroying them. These would certainly liven up a BBQ or make any random night of the week more interesting, and thankfully you can put them on the top rack of the dishwasher for quick cleaning!

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