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Tableau waters your plants while you’re away

It’s natural to want to keep plants in your home. They can freshen your air, look lovely, and it’s nice to have something to take care of other than yourself. However, when you’re on the road a lot, it’s hard to keep up with watering them if you’re gone for weeks at a time. Should you still want to have plants, but don’t want to come home to a brown shriveled mess, then you’re going to need a way to water them while you’re away.

While you could always give your neighbors a little money to water them while you’re out and about, there are other options. The Tableau is hoping to give those who want some greenery in their homes a chance at happiness. It’s an automatic house plant watering tray that will keep track of how much water your plants get. This irrigation system uses what plants would experience in nature by mimicking a wet-dry cycle. The wet part of the cycle allows plants to absorb water, and the dry lets them air out to make healthy roots.

The water reservoir only needs to be filled before you go, and you’ll be set to go off on your work or adventure-related travels. Of course, it’s up to you to remember to fill this on the brief stints you’re home, otherwise this would be utterly useless. This reservoir can handle three plants at once for about a month. Since this is based on a bi-valve system that is sensitive to humidity and pressure, you don’t need to plug anything in. This is going to cost you around $192, and would be perfect for jet-setters.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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