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Table doubles up as Post-it notes

post-it-table.jpgNow this is definitely one of the more creative tables that I have ever come across, and the best part is you can virtually recycle it along the course of its life. Made from 5,000 sheets of paper that are bound via some careful application of PVA glue, you no longer have to worry about looking for a piece of paper ever again to write down that phone number or message somebody leaves behind. All you need is a pen to scrawl it over the Post-it Note Table and you’re good to go. I wonder what 3M has to say about this creative expansion of one of their best selling products.

It goes without saying that with time, your table will slowly end up getting lower and lower, and you run the risk of having the top page flipping away in the presence of strong gusts of wind. Make sure there is a paperweight of some sort on top as you go about your everyday business. One word of warning though – I highly recommend you not to place beverages of any kind on top of the Post-it Note Table as a spill could soak into the “table” itself, leaving unsightly stains many pages down.

All in all, the Post-it Note Table is strictly a novelty item, and if you really want one for yourself, just be able to cough up £700. Delivery services are available, but only to those residing in the UK. For those interested in a little trivia, the Post-it Note Table managed to pick up the OXO Peugeot Design Awards way back in 2002 for the furniture category.

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