Tabeo Tablet from Toys R Us

If you own a tablet and have children in your life I am willing to bet the two have met. Probably quite regularly. What would we do without movies or games or learning apps? I know I appreciate them. Yet there is always trepidation when handing over the pad to a kid. The nightmarish possibilities are frightening.
The retailer that knows kids better than others decided to help ease the trepidation. Last week Toys R Us announced their Tabeo Tablet, designed specifically for kids. The device, $149.99, combines the conveniences that kids and parents have become accustomed to on Mom or Dad’s tablet with kid friendly elements. It boasts a 7” touch screen with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Tabeo runs on Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and contains 4GB of memory with micro SD slot, expandable up to 32GB. Fifty child-friendly apps come loaded on the unit including Angry Birds and Cut the Rug. 7000 more child-friendly, free apps await the user on the Tabeo app store. The unit has parental controls built right in which can be customized for up to 8 different users and can limit things like when the unit can be used. Tabeo also has controls to limit browsing topics or destinations. Built-in speaker, microphone and camera are included, features kids typically love on other tablets. And there is even a mini HDMI output to allow viewing content on a different screen. Best of all, the unit comes with a soft, removable bumper case for the inevitable drops and bumps. Orders are being taken as of today on the Toys R Us website, with units shipping October 21.
So while Mom and Dad put terms like iPad, Kindle and Galaxy on their wish lists this holiday season, bank on the Toys R Us Tabeo Tablet to make many kid’s lists.

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