T-82 is one candy-scooping robot

This is the T-82 robot, and it’s purpose is to give out candy.
This isn’t the first time that I have seen a food-serving robot. I believe that there is a restaurant that has robot servers.
You’ll note that there is some sort of medieval armor or something on this. Perhaps the T-82 is meant for a Renaissance Fair. Granted, I don’t think that there were any robots during the Renaissance.
It does look like something that we need, doesn’t it? After all, I’ve been to candy shops before and seen people scoop candy into bags. Why not have a robot do this task? Just think of how much a kid will be delighted with it. I know my kids would love it. It would probably be like a trip to Willy Wonka’s factory without all the creepy things that gave kids nightmares in that Gene Wilder movie.
The T-82 has a pan/tilt camera for a head, and its hands are quite good with arms that have 6 degrees of movement.
Now it’s time to talk about that fear that we have that robots might one take over like in The Matrix or The Terminator series. Perhaps this is how it begins, with robots who give out candy.